Stull, Henry

Henry Stull (American, 1851-1913)


Oil on canvas, 23" x 28"

Signed, dated 1900

Hall of Fame jockey Ted Sloan picked Belmar as one of his favorite mounts. Belmar carried Sloan to victory four times, endearing him to the rider so much that he named his boat Belmar. Quoted in a September 2, 1967 Blood-Horse article, Sloan recalled, "I have never come across a more intelligent horse. He knew the winning post just as well as I did and I had the sense to trust to his wisdom more than once. I learned to give the credit for our wins to him. We won several events by a head and I know if they had been run a second faster or if he had had 10 more pounds to carry, the results would have been the same...He always came along about three furlongs from home and won. As soon as he passed the post he would relax...How that horse just loved to race!"

Estimate: 12000 - 15000

Final Sale Price: